Park Square

|Upper Merion Township, PA

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Fire Protection Design|

Park Square contains four residential apartment buildings, featuring 316 luxury apartment units supported with 15,000 square feet of amenity space. The design features 1-, 2-, and 3- bedroom units. Community amenities include a large green courtyard, an in-ground swimming pool, outdoor living spaces, a small dog park, a community garden, and a mile of paved walking trail surrounding the community. There is also access to a full-service catering kitchen, a grand lounge with a fireplace, a car washing station, and coworking spaces.

MEP/FP Special Features

Individual gas fired water heaters provide combination heat and domestic hot water for each apartment to minimize ongoing equipment maintenance

Closet mounted air handlers with a dx cooling coil, heating hot water coil and integral pump/timer provide apartment space conditioning

Through the wall condensing units are provided for each apartment with a mechanical room located on an exterior balcony

Remainder of HVAC equipment is located on the roof to maximize site green space

Packaged rooftop variable volume and temperature system provides space conditioning for Building 1000 amenity spaces.

Electricity for each apartment is utility metered, consisting of meter banks located in electrical closets on each floor to eliminate unsightly electric meters on building exterior

Medium gas pressure distributed from a dedicated meter to each apartment and regulated at the apartment for use by water heater and cooking range

Building 1000 parking garage incorporates multiple exhaust fans with VFDs controlled by carbon monoxide sensors