2300 Market

|Philadelphia, PA

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Fire Protection Design|

This unique overbuild project will be comprised of three existing buildings with a 10-story overbuild, resulting in 14 stories with commercial space and over 200 residential units. It is essentially a culinary school, a former factory, and a townhouse, combined and capped by a new 10-story overbuild, including a modular penthouse design. The existing structures will house the office and retail, including a gym, business tenants and various restaurants and cafes on the lower levels. The overbuild structure houses most of the residential units, where amenities include a second gym and rooftop pool. The original base of the building on the 23rd Street side of the project will be covered in a living green wall.

MEP/FP Special Features

Complex coordination for the ductwork and piping rising from the original buildings into the new overbuild structure

One of the first hybrid heat pump design buildings in Philadelphia

Dual fire service/diesel fire pumps and a standby generator

Renderings provided by Tantillo Architecture