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The historic 24-story tower on North Broad Street, formerly known as “The Inquirer Building,” is the location of the new Philadelphia Public Services Building. Chosen for its central location, ample parking, and spacious interior, the new headquarters merges several law enforcement functions previously spread out in different locations across the city. These include the city’s morgue, toxicology labs, emergency dispatch center, the Sixth and Ninth Police District Stations, and the commissioner’s office, utilizing the 466,000 square feet of the former newspaper facility. In addition to the functional needs, the project was also designed for LEED Silver Accreditation, recognizing the project’s commitment to sustainability. Many notable elements of the original building were preserved and reused, such as the globe chandelier and marble floors, walls, and staircases. The design team worked closely with historic preservation groups to restore the exterior of the building to its former glory. The project is a Preservation Alliance 2022 Grand Jury Award Winner.

MEP/FP Special Features

High-reliability, high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems to ensure continuous operations while meeting the technical and functional requirements presented by the building’s multi-faceted functions (two police precinct headquarters, detention areas, labs, autopsy, and emergency response, as well as office space)

LEED Silver accreditation