UGI Utilities Corporate Headquarters


Location: Lancaster County, PA


General Overview: The project consists of a 3 story, 92,000 square foot office building as the corporate headquarters for UGI Utilities. The building has a LEED V4 Silver certification and includes a full commercial kitchen and Café, two-story central lobby, fitness area with yoga studio, and outdoor patio.


MEP/FP Special Features: A combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) plant generates power to limit electrical demand from the grid. The plant consists of microturbines for power generation and an absorption chiller/hydronic heating hot water system to utilize the waste heat. A conventional water-cooled chiller and hydronic boiler supplement capacity and provide redundancy for the building’s cooling and heating needs. High delta T hydronic systems reduce first cost, pumping capacity, and thus overall system energy usage. The air handling systems provide low-temperature air to fan powered variable air volume boxes serving the spaces and reduces first cost, fan capacity, and thus overall system energy usage. Car charging stations are being provided for electric vehicles. Lighting will consist of LED fixtures with daylight sensors to automatically dim lighting when possible. A building management system with a comprehensive metering/monitoring package will provide building performance feedback. These strategies result in more than a 22% savings over ASHRAE 90.1-2010, totaling 9  points in the Optimize Energy and Performance category in LEED V4.


AEI Services Provided: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing,  and fire protection design services, energy modeling, construction administration, and LEED documentation support.