Advanced Engineering Inc. (AEI) was established in 2000 by Jerry Fink, a professional engineer who worked in a number of large engineering firms for over 30 years, including Kling-Lindquist, Vanderweil, and Bala Consulting Engineers. He believed he could better serve his clients through a smaller, more personalized approach. Since its origin, AEI has cultivated a diverse clientele that values our approach and philosophy. Our unique firm is involved with both large and small projects, bringing our unique perspective.

Our Approach

Our design perspective is to deliver the project concepts suited for the individual client. We solicit client input and value the feedback. We see the value of client involvement. The principals you meet at the inception of the job remain the primary client contact, are actively involved in the design of your project, and will see you through to the completion of the project. We recognize the importance of having the client understand the engineering issues, so we distill the issues to their essence and relay them in terminology comprehendible to the layman.

Our Team

AEI is comprised of experienced, passionate individuals who deliver innovative designs that meet the needs of the owners we serve. Our collaborative work reflects an understanding of the industry and the ability to provide thoughtful, sustainable and cost effective systems.

Meet Our Team

Our Office

Purchased in 2005 by Jerry and Kim Fink, Hillwood Farm has become the home to Advanced Engineering Inc. The historic campus features four buildings; a farmhouse, barn, cottage, and garage. Jerry set his sights on the vintage, 1700’s stone barn to be his company’s headquarters. He had a distinct vision to design a work space that expressed creativity and ingenuity in every detail.  During the renovation project, Jerry performed all of the design and handled the management of the construction, as well as rolling up his own sleeves to help. The final product of this historic restoration is an award winning space that highlights the exceptional features of the building while creating a comfortable work environment. Jerry’s mindful design allowed the space to maintain its historic essence by integrating new functions with existing elements of the building.

Inside Our Office