Fairfield Inn & Suites

Historic / Multi-family Residential / Restaurant

Location: Philadelphia, PA

General Overview:  The new Fairfield Inn & Suites, located in the historic Washington Square West, is an ambitious renovation of the Parker-Spruce Hotel, built in 1923. The deteriorated hotel was purchased by the Wankawala Organization in 2015, beginning a 3-year restoration process that incorporated the building’s historical elements while renovating the interior to meet the needs of the modern traveler. 


The project took advantage of the original detailing that makes this building unique: checkerboard marble lobby floors, a large bronze mailbox, an impressive metal marquee. Each of these elements was integrated into the contemporary vision of this boutique hotel. New design features, such as subway tile with dark grout, brass and gold-toned elements, and corridor carpet runners draw on the details of the original building.


The renovation created 85 king-sized rooms and 21 doubles, averaging about 230 square feet each. The lobby and ground-floor restaurant were also refurbished and modernized. 


The project featured height and structure limitations that required creative HVAC solutions to maximize ceiling heights.The project’s limited footprint put a premium on minimized MEP space needs on their hotel floors. A Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC solution provides minimal spatial needs both in the rooms and on the roof. 


Special MEP/FP Features: The heat recovery VRF solution was compatible with the limited roof space available for heat rejection and provide the flexibility for each room to be in heating and cooling independently. An Energy Recovery Unit (ERU) economically provides 100% outside air to the corridors using air preconditioned by the outgoing building exhaust. A Pollution Control Unit (PCU) is providing within the commercial kitchen exhaust system for removal of grease particles, abatement of smoke, and reduction of odors from the airstream. A centralized domestic hot water system with digital mixing valves has been provided to ensure sufficient hot water for the hotel’s needs. Stairwell pressurization, elevator shaft pressurization, corridor smoke exhaust, and lobby smoke exhaust systems were included to address life-safety. A roof-mounted diesel generator provides life safety and standby power for the hotel’s critical systems. 


AEI Services Provided: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design and construction administration services.